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Book Title: Career of Lifetime - A Muslim's Thoughts
Publication/ Publisher: United P.C.

Author: Mansoor Ismail,  Leicester, United Kingdom.
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Date of Publication:           18th October, 2013

ISBN:                                 978-3-7103-0794-2

Brief Description:  Discussing and reflecting on Islamic ideas of careers. Included are subjects of career of lifetime and economics with interesting metaphors related to nature, environment and sustainability.

My book  "Career of Lifetime" has important topics for discussion.

(a) Re- think about how we can try to overcome some of the current problems in the world so that we achieve success in managing the economy and our own careers for our own future.

(b) When honesty has disappeared from peoples' lives, what hope will they have of successful career in life, in future? Bad habits only develop more bad habits and truth eventually catches up.

(c) We learn from religion that those who tell lies and earn by dishonesty will not prosper in future; they will meet failure !   

Managers' ethical behaviour and the moral maze is of great concern throughout the world today.

Survey by professional managers in 2013 has shown that about 50% of managers in productive workplace are ineffective and over 75% of workers do not agree that their managers set good moral examples for others to follow and train to be good working population.

This means that in our world today about 50 % managers tell lies at workplace and the workers and those related to their business or organisation know it. About 30 % of the Managers bend the rules, that is evade the law rather than avoid the fines and penalties. In principle, tax evasion is a crime but tax avoidance  is skillful management. The managers are so lax that they take advantage of their power and position to do what would be criminal if prosecuted, and liable to heavy fines. The financial crisis, fall in profit and rising costs with burden of taxation motivates the managers to ignore the ethical standards. How can there be good management standards when there  is no moral concern with the laws and regulations?

About 50 % of employees are persuaded, pressurised or bullied by managers to overlook ethics and just do the job without giving much thoughts to ethics and moral behaviour.  Organisations very much depend on the managers and about 50 % of the Managers do anything to get higher pay and promotion. Workers, too, entirely depend on the managers. This brings into question what values and beliefs do they uphold?

Are the business owners, shareholders and leaders hypocrites and force the managers to do anything for profit maximisation and creating wealth for them? This reminds us of the recent allegations against the bank executives and members of parliament.

Only about 20% of workers are aware of their organisation's mission, values and beliefs.

Some of the adverse effects on the morale of the workers are that about 10% of workforce steal from company stock and cash and about 10% of job-seekers inflate their C Vs.

I have written this personal management book and continuing with my on-going research studies and training in career management and development. My book includes parts of my course work desertion in this subject during my MBA studies during 2005 to 2006 and my training in international development volunteering with VSO UK during 2011 to 2012.

I have also discussed important ideas relating to the questions of "Styles and Designs" which are currently being sought out by many growing organisations. My book is therefore of importance to managers and leaders in organisations as much as it is valuable career guide for individuals at any level of studies and activities.

During 23 rd November, 2012 to 25th November, 2012 the manuscript of my book was proposed for the members and speakers at The Minara Chamber of Commerce International Islamic Business Conference in Durban, South Africa.

A University professor said: " book shows originality which is appealing and very interesting. It could be writing Shakespeare type of literature ".

A Doctor in Canada said:  " think of another title which reflects the originality more at a glance."